A memory for everyone using medicaments, but mainly in use by elderly people, who often need various medicaments several times a day. Very often these aged persons are confused about their medication, which obviously may cause serious problems. Everybody knows how important it is with many medicaments, that the patient get the prescribed medicine at the right times and in the proper doses.
Since no memory is perfect, a simple and infallible aid as the mediMemo will be welcomed.

Attractive design, marketable in nursing-homes, drugstores, pharmacists but also through supermarkets and giftshops.

The mediMemo cover, designed as a little book, contents 7 small containers, one for each day of the week with 3 movable dividers. The daily ration may be divided into 4 compartments and has been printed: morning, noon, evening and night.

If the user wishes to go out, the whole week supply must not be carried with him because each container can be pulled out separately.

The medioMemo guaranties regular dosage, no mistakes, no omissions.

The mediMemo cover can be printed with any text desired; minimum order private label:
1.000 pieces. Even your own brand or trademark (logo) is possible.
Mediost has designed a display for 6 mediMemo’s to be placed on the counter of drugstores. The above picture shows an example in the Dutch language, however this can be printed in every requested language; the texture has been prepared to exchange.
Minimum order: 500 displays.


mediMemo : 165 x 120 x 27 mm Packing : without display (7) and with display (6+1) in a box
Container : 95 x 20 x 18 mm Sizes and measures : 1,0 m3 = 1.323 pcs = 262 kg
1,85 m3 = 2,457 pcs = 487 kg



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23/12/04 - KBS