The handy "non-spilling" drinking mug

Thanks to the smart adjustable nozzle an ideal aid during drinking.

  • Very convenient for the attendance of patients.
  • A solution for motorial handicapped people.
  • Ideal for small children.

Both the mug and the lid are manyfactured from polypropylene and can withstand high temperatures, sterilisation is possible up to 135 C.

The lid with its adjustable drinking-nozzle can be supplied in two designs:

  • nozzle with a small hole (4 mm) for liquid drinks: coffee, tea, water,soft drinks, etc.
  • nozzle with a large hole (elliptic 8 x 16 mm) for more thick liquids: soup, yoghurt, custard, etc.
The nozzle can easily be adjusted to the position of the knick-cup user.

The drinking volume out of the knick-cup can be controlled by covering the airhole partly or completely with the fingertip.

The mug with a contents of 250 ml is imprinted with a cubic measure (25 cc graduation).

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knick-cup mug
knick-cup lid 4mm
knick-cup lid elliptic 8x16mm

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23/12/04 - KBS